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Black Pepper Powder is a flowering vine of which the dried fruit is used as the world’s most traded spice. The spiciness of black pepper is due to the chemical piperine, which is said to increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods the pepper is added to.

Commonly known to relieve cough and cold, this spice also aids in digestion and has antibiotic properties. It also contains vitamins C, K, magnesium, potassium and iron, and is therefore classified as a medicinal spice. Black pepper benefits for health are many; this includes improving metabolism, treating bacterial infections, easing congestion as well as working as an antidepressant.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Black Pepper Powder:

Black Pepper aids in Dead Skin exfoliation: You can use black pepper for purposes of exfoliation as well. They will remove all dead cells from your skin and make it refreshing and glowing. It will also promote blood circulation and provide more oxygen as well as nutrients to your skin.

You will feel fresh and hydrated all the time because of this what this amazing and healthy natural spice can do to you. It has also been used in several exfoliation beauty products as well because of this. So if you want clear, soft and supple skin, we suggest you get hold of black pepper.

Black pepper prevents Wrinkles: The antioxidant-rich spice effectively fights free radicals that are responsible for causing wrinkles and saggy skin. Add black peppers to your daily diet to fight the signs of ageing. Alternatively, you can combine a teaspoon of crushed black pepper with equal portions of turmeric and honey. Add a little bit of water to form a smooth paste and use as a mask on your face every alternate day for best results.

Black Pepper makes Skin soft and radiant: It opens clogged pores and removes deep set dirt to give you glowing and radiant skin in minutes. To get maximum benefits of black pepper for your skin, just add it to your scrub! Add half a teaspoon of black pepper to one teaspoon of yogurt and apply it on your skin. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before washing. This face pack will not only exfoliate your skin but will also remove toxins and leave you with healthier skin.

Black pepper Improves Oral health: The anti-inflammatory properties of black pepper are quite beneficial for gum health and other dental issues. It also offers relief from toothache. Simply mix black pepper powder with clove oil and massage your gums and teeth with it to get relief from any aches and improve oral health.

Black pepper aids in Treatment of dandruff: Excessive dandruff can be quite embarrassing. If you have tried pretty much everything and nothing seems to work, try using black pepper to treat it. This natural method will definitely offer relief from dandruff and reduce it with each application. In a bowl of curds, add a teaspoon of crushed black pepper and apply to the scalp, let it stay for 30 minutes before washing off with water. Avoid using shampoo, if you have to wash your hair do so the next day. Try this remedy only once a week as overdoing it can cause your scalp to burn.

Black Pepper Strengthens the hair: Do you want to strengthen hair from the roots? Black pepper might help with that too! The vitamins and minerals in black pepper can be quite beneficial for the health of your hair. You can either add it to your daily diet to reap the benefits of black pepper or you can apply the following paste to your scalp. Mix equal amounts of crushed black pepper and honey and massage it at the roots, this will promote blood circulation and strengthen hair from the roots to give you stronger, healthier hair.

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CAS NUM: 84929-41-9

INCI Name : Piper Nigrum Seed  Powder

Recommended Usage:  1-100%

Applications: Skin Care, and Cosmetics

Country of Origin: North America

Packaging: Our Powders/seeds are packaged in airtight Ziplock Bags to avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: This Seeds or Powder should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. This Powder has a shelf life of 2 Years when stored properly. Expires December 2024

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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