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Do you like eating guavas? And do you know that besides the numerous health benefits of the fruit its leaves are also beneficial for one’s skin, especially if you suffer from issues like acne, scars, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone?

If the issue is not severe, one can go for an easy home remedy made with guava leaf paste. The leaves, just like the fruit, contain potassium and folic acid making them a superfood for your skin.

Guava Leaf Extract Powder contains vitamin A, B and C. It’s packed with fruit enzymes and AHAs, brightens and smoothes the skin.  It also reduces wrinkles and blemishes, calms redness and itchiness.

Benefits of Guava Leaf Extract Powder in Skincare:

Helps to Treat Wrinkles on Face: Guava leaves have anti-aging properties which help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face. It helps in destroying the free radicals which are damaging your skin.

Helps in Giving You an Even Tone: Using guava leaves can help to treat hyperpigmentation on the skin thus, promoting even skin tone. The antioxidants present in the guava leaves helps to shrink the pores on the skin and promotes clear and glowing skin.

Relieves Itching on Face; Itching can be one of the major problems for many and if you suffer from Itching on the skin or inflammation, guava leaves can help to treat this problem. Due to allergy blocking compounds present in the guava leaves, it helps to instantly cure itchiness on skin.

Helps to Remove Blackheads: Guava leaves can help to remove Blackheads and shrink the large sized pores. Take some guava leaves and boil them in water. Blend the guava leaves along with some water and turmeric. Now, apply this mask on your face to remove the blackheads. Make sure you scrub properly.

Treats Acne and Blemishes: Guava leaves are an excellent antibacterial agent which help to treat acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face. When applied on skin, guava leaves helps in reducing the appearance of pimples and acne on the face. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Research has proved that the regular and consistent usage of guava leaves on the skin can reduce the occurrence of pimples and acne to a huge extent.

Helps to Lighten Dark Spots: Guava leaves also help to lighten the dark spots on your face and also clears the blemishes left behind on the skin. Guava leaves make an excellent skin lightening ingredient, thereby, providing you with a clear looking complexion and a spot free skin.

Aids Hair Loss: Guava leaves can help in aiding your Hair Loss and also treats scalp related problems.

CAS NUM: 91770-12-6

INCI Name: Psidium Guajava (guava) extract

Stable in pH range: 7.2

Grade:Edible & Cosmetics Grade

Colour & Appearance: Fine brown powder

Grade: Cosmetic grade

Recommended Usage: 1-5%

Solubility: Water

Application: face masks, bath bombs, salts, soaps, creams, balms etc.

Country of Origin: India

Packaging: Our powders are packed in water proof zip lock pouches avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: Our powders should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. Shelf life is 36Months from manufacturing or testing date (Current Lot will expire: 12-2024)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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