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Polyquaternium 7 is a highly charged cationic copolymer of diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride and acrylamide. It is used extensively for cosmetic applications. It is an invaluable multifunctional component in cosmetics and toiletries, and thus is one of the most widely produced cationic polymers in the world today.

Polyquaternium 7 is a unique copolymer especially developed for improved compatibility and clarity in anionic surfactant systems. In shampoo, it increases and stabilizes foam, increases viscosity while contributing excellent lubricity, wet combability and lustre to hair, without any build-up. In skin care, it provides lubricity and substantive film forming properties, and helps disperse other functional ingredients on the skin.


CAS NUM:  26590-05-6

INCI Name: Polyquaternium-7

Charge: Cationic

Solubility: Water 

Preservative:  Sodium Benzoate

Colour & Appearance:  Clear, colorless viscous liquid

Stable in pH range: 3.3 – 4.5

Grade: Cosmetic grade

Recommended Usage: 1-4%.

Compatibility: Compatible with all classes of surfactants

Application: Hair care, skin care, shave cream, liquid and bar soaps, bath products, lip care and deodorants.

Country of Origin: USA

Packaging: Our water/Oil based ingredients are bottled in plastics avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: Our water/Liquid based ingredients should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. (Current Lot will expire: 02-2025)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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