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Tea Tree Hydrosol is one of the most versatile hydrosols available.  The hydrosol is a pure bi-product from the steam distillation of the essential oil, so it has many of the same properties and a plethora of more uses than the pure essential oil. There are many things that a pure oil cannot be used on, where the hydrosol can.  So, the benefits of having a hydrosol in your medicine cabinet are huge. Let’s very briefly talk about Tea Tree itself…. Tea tree is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, a great disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and as a hydrosol is an excellent astringent.  I might write another blog later about all the details of Tea Tree, but for now, I want to list all the possible uses for the Tea Tree Hydrosol.

  • Body Brush Disinfectant: spray after every use to keep it bacteria free.
  • Facial Toner Spritz: excellent astringent for acne prone skin in particular, but can be used by all skin types.
  • Aftershave: great for those that suffer from razer burnt skin.
  • Flea retardant for Pets: safe to use on pets as a spray to prevent fleas, or even as an anti-bacterial on paws when they come inside the house, you can also add to their wash or rinse water.
  • Air-freshener: can use as a room spray or in a diffuser.
  • Anti-septic: a great wound spray for any cuts and scratches to prevent infection. (safe for babies and pets too)
  • Dandruff & Itchy Scalp: prevents itchiness from dry scalp and gives great relief while the anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduce redness.
  • Hair Brush Disinfectant: spray after every use to keep it bacteria free.
  • Refreshing Body Mist: especially great for those who suffer from body breakouts from sweat and exercise.
  • Hair Lice Deterrent: you can either spritz the hair and scalp directly or use as a hair rinse.
  • Insect Repellant: a great spray to use when going on a picnic or to the beach to prevent midgie bites and others.
  • DIY Face Masks: you can use Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol as a mixing agent when making face masks at home with bentonite clay, Macha tea etc… just use it in place of oil or regular water.
  • Feminine Douche: can be very effective used diluted for thrush or yeast infections.
  • Makeup Brush Disinfectant: spray after every use to keep them bacteria free.
  • Treat Athletes Foot: Tea Tree is anti-fungal, or any fungal infections can be sprayed.
  • After Wax Spray: helps to take down any redness after waxing (or shaving) and soothe the skin.
  • Deodorant: spritz on the body to prevent odor (feet, underarms etc.), eliminates odor caused by bacteria.


CAS NUM: 68647-73-4

INCI Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia

Stable in pH range: 3.8-4.1

Grade: Cosmetic grade

Recommended Usage: 1 – 40%. For external use only

Application: Serums, lotions, creams, toners, hair and body shampoos, soaps, gels, sun and after-sun care, sunscreens.

Country of Origin: Italy

Packaging: Our water/Liquid based ingredients are bottled in plastics avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: Our water/Liquid based ingredients should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. (Current Lot will expire: 06-2025)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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