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Amla oil is rich in antioxidants and contains high amounts of vitamin C and tannins which simultaneously brighten, soften and improve overall skin quality while tightening pores and having a firming effect. It’s also unique from other oils due to its high tannin content and phytochemicals such as furosin, gallic acid, corilagin and quercetin.

Amla Carrier Oil is an extract of the Indian Gooseberry, which is native to India. It grows in tropical and subtropical regions, wild and cultivated including Pakistan,Uzbekistan, Srilanka, SE Asia, China and Malaysia. The berries are capsular, smooth and light to medium green in color.

Amla oil is a natural fruit oil, also referred to as Indian Gooseberry Oil, this super fruit is commonly used in cosmetics for its anti-oxidant benefits lots of them. This ingredient is used in a wide range of natural formulations (predominantly the skin), take a look at its functionalities, you will understand why. Our Amla is a popular choice due to its cost effectiveness and versatility in formulations. Amla oil is naturally infused in our Sunflower oil,  using zero heat or chemicals.

Amla Carrier Oil is commonly used in anti-aging products due to its antioxidant properties which help to nourish skin and hair and moisturize the scalp, it’s also used in anti-hair-loss preparation. Amla oil Absorbs well into skin with good moisturizing and water-retaining properties

CAS NUM: 90028-28-7 & 8001-21-6

INCI Name : Emblica Officinalis Fruit & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Recommended Usage:  1-100%

Country of Origin: India

Application: Hair care products, creams, lotions, makeup, face oils, color cosmetics, skin treatments, hand creams.

Packaging: Our Oils are packaged in airtight plastic containers(Bottles) to avoid spillage

Recommended Storage: This Oil should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. This oil has a shelf life of 3 Years when stored properly.

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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