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Germall Plus Preservative (Liquid) is a broad-spectrum Preservative, that is very effective at preventing the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, and commonly found organisms. Liquid germall plus works well at inhibiting the growth of these organisms at extremely low concentrations and because of this is considered very cost-effective. It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and has no known inactivators. Liquid Germall plus is a convenient, easy-to-incorporate version of Germall Plus dissolved in a base of 60% propylene glycol. Ideal for water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, creams and lotions, make-up, and other highly pigmented products. Not for use in products intended to be aerosolized.

Features and Benefits of Germall Plus Preservative (Liquid) are:

  • Broad Spectrum anti-bacterial activity
  • synegetic preservative effect
  • Safe Toxicology Profile
  • Highly Efficacious at low levels
  • Readily Soluble in aqueous solutions and the water phase of emulsions
  • compatible in a wide range of formulations
  • Paraben Free Preservative
  • Germall Plus has no known inactivators and is compatible with virtually all cosmetic ingredients.
  • Germall Plus is soluble in cationic, anionic and nonionic water soluble formulations, as well as in the emulsified portion of oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions.
  • Germall Plus can be used to bolster other preservatives in a formulation

CAS NUM:  78491-02-8, 55406-53-6

INCI Name: Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

Percentage Purity: 99.8%

Colour & Appearance: Clear viscous liquid

Stable in pH range: 3-8

Grade: Cosmetic

Recommended Usage: 0.05-0.5% up to 1%

Temperature Stability: Liquid Germall Plus is heat sensitive and should be added to the water phase or to the emulsified portion of the formulation at a temperature of 122°F (50°C) or below, during the cool down stage. Adding Liquid Germall Plus above 122°F (50°C) could result in compromising the preservative system in your product.

Compatibility: It is compatible with other Preservatives.

Solubility: It is soluble in cationic, anionic and nonionic water-soluble formulations, as well as in the emulsified portion of water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions.

Application: Can be used in a wide variety of products including shampoos, body/shower gels, conditioners and other high water content products, as well as water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions, creams, lotions, scrubs and make-up

Country of Origin: USA

Packaging: Our water/Oil based ingredients are bottled in plastics avoid spillage.

Precaution: US and Japan:

  • Not for use in aerosols
  • Approved for use in creams and lotions
  • Approved for use in rinse off products

European Union (EU):

  • Not for oral hygiene and lip care products
  • Not to be used in products for children under 3 years old, except in bath products/shower gels and shampoos
  • Not to be used in body lotion and body cream

Recommended Storage: Our water/Liquid based ingredients should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. (Current Lot will expire: 10-2026)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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