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Azelaic Acid Powder is a naturally occurring chemical belonging to the class of dicarboxylic acids. Azelaic acid is a natural substance produced by a yeast that lives on our skin for the specific purpose of fighting bacteria to keep our bodies healthy. Azelaic acid is also found in wheat, rye and barley that can help treat acne and rosacea because it soothes inflammation.

Therefore, Azelaic Acid Powder is a powerful treatment for mild to moderate acne and reduces inflammation by balancing the ecosystem of our complexion. Azelaic acid’s strength is in its ability to actually reduce the growth of bacteria inside hair follicles in your skin. In doing so, it minimizes both current and future blemishes (which are essentially clogged follicles and pores infected by bacteria). variety of professional skin care products that feature azelaic acid are ideal for those experiencing hard-to-control breakouts, free radical damage and blackheads.

Cosmetics Benefits of Azelaic Acid Powder:

  • Gently Exfoliates: It goes deep within the pores and removes dead skin cells that cause dull skin tone and clogged pores.
  • Fights acne: It has antibacterial properties, and it’s reported to be bactericidal to P. acnes, which leads to acne. Topical azelaic acid has no or little depigmentation effect on normally pigmented skin, freckles, age spots (solar lentigines), and nevi. It is widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. At higher doses of 15-20%, azelaic acid is also an effective treatment that helps clear up dark spots from melasma or hyperpigmentation. It works by inhibiting free radicals as well as tyrosinase, an enzyme necessary for the production of melanin.
  • Reduces inflammation: Azelaic acid soothes irritation and helps to improve red bumps caused by inflammation.
  • Evens skin tone: It inhibits tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that leads to hyperpigmentation. It’s effective on post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne breakouts and can affect melasma as well.
  • Treats rosacea: Azelaic acid could help with pore-clogging, inflammation, and secondary infections caused by rosacea: “It’s a less irritating option, which is why we use it for rosacea because the skin tends to be very sensitive.
  • Is safe for pregnant women: azelaic acid is one of the few treatment options for acne, rosacea, clogged pores, or pigmentation that is generally safe for pregnant women.
  • Is gluten-free: Despite being wheat-derived, most gastroenterologists agree that it likely can’t be absorbed significantly enough through your skin to trigger a gluten sensitivity or reaction.
  • Could be helpful with alopecia: “There have been some reports suggesting that it could help treat alopecia or hair loss,”Some doctors are having pharmacists incorporate it into their hair products because it might help to grow hair.”

CAS NUM: 123-99-9

INCI Name:  Azelaic Acid

Percentage Purity :99%

Works well with: Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)< Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) and Retinol

pH Range: 3.5 – 7

Colour & Appearance:  White fine powder

Grade: Cosmetic Grade

Recommended Usage: 1-10%. Up to 15%

Solubility: very soluble in alcohol based solvents like Propylene Glycol,  1,3 propanediol, ethanol (5%), DMSO, methanol (70 mg/ml), and alcohol. soluble in water (add to heated phase of the emulsion).

Melting Temperature: 106-108° C

Country of Origin: Europe

Application: Lotions, creams , serums and other cosmetics products

Packaging: Our powders are packed in water proof zip lock pouches avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: Our powders should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. (Current Lot will expire: 06-2025)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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