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Methyl Sulphonyl Methane Powder (MSM), is a naturally occurring organic compound belonging to the organosulfur family. Sulfur is an essential mineral key to cell regeneration. It is also called the “beauty mineral” that can support collagen production, reduce inflammation, and promote circulation. MSM is said to be the purest form of sulfur that enjoys high bio-availability within the human body.

Cosmetic Benefits of Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) Powder:

  • MSM powder may boost collagen Production: Collagen is a protein that offers structural support to the skin and makes it pliable. MSM may promote collagen production and leaves your skin looking younger, flexible, and resilient.  MSM may also reduce collagen degradation that happens as a natural consequence of aging.
  • MSM powder may reduce Inflammation: MSM inhibits the production of cytokines (a type of proteins) that trigger inflammatory responses. It may help in the treatment of an inflammatory skin condition called rosacea. At the same time, MSM also increases the production of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant produced by the body
  • MSM powder may Reduce the Signs of Aging: The collagen-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties of MSM may help reduce the signs of aging
  • MSM powder may Promote Skin Repair: MSM may accelerate cell regeneration and skin cell turnover rate. It also helps neutralize free radicals. The wound-healing properties of MSM may aid in skin repair
  • MSM powder may also soothes itching, hydrates dry skin, reduces scar tissue and improves wound healing from cuts and burns
  • MSM has been shown to have positive effects on hair growth. According to a 2009 study, MSM when combined with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), could be used to effectively treat alopecia in mice.
  • MSM is a natural source of sulfur, and it is readily absorbed: This may encourage the formation of keratin and contribute to stronger hai

CAS NUM: 67-71-0

INCI Name: Methylsulfonylmethane

Colour & Appearance: White Crystaline powder

Grade: Cosmetics

Purity: 99%

Recommended Usage: 1% – 5%

Solubility: Soluble in water,ether, ethanol,

Compatibility: Works well with most ingredients.

Application: creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, etc.

Country of Origin: USA

Packaging: Our powders are packed in water proof zip lock pouches avoid spillage.

Recommended Storage: Our powders should be stored in cool temperatures away from direct sunlight and moisture in an airtight container. (Current Lot will expire: 10-2027)

DISCLAIMER: All SOPHIX NATURAL PRODUCTS are for external use only unless otherwise STATED. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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